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The Saggy Baggy Elephant

A little elephant named Sooki is dancing and kicking happily through the jungle until a tactless parrot teases him about his saggy baggy skin. The response of the sweet little elephant, first told to readers in the classic Little Golden Book story by Kathryn and Byron Jackson, provides a positive message that still resonates today. The controlled vocabulary of this beautifully simplified adaptation by Tennant Redbank conveys the wonderful spirit of the original story. Adorable illustrations by Garva Hathi, based on the original work of Gustaf Tenggren, are sure to make little ones smile. This heartfelt story reminds readers that they’re beautiful just the way they are.

Tie-in Activity: Paper Bag Elephant Puppet.  Paper lunch bags can make wonderful puppets. Paint a bag gray (or any color), let dry, then crumple and smooth to make wrinkled skin. To make the ears, cut a large heart out of gray construction paper, cut in half, and attach to the bag. To make the nose, attach a long strip of paper folded accordion style, and then add eyes and other features.