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The Dragon’s Scales

This engaging story by Sarah Albee is a unique way to explore concepts about size and weight—as well as a wonderful addition to any beginning reader’s library. When a dragon moves in and blocks the residents of Berry Town from harvesting their berries, it’s up to a young girl named Holly to beat the dragon in a contest using the dragon’s very own set of scales. This inventive story challenges readers (and the dragon!) to think about the concept of size in relation to weight. The "berry" sweet ending will delight readers, as will the whimsical artwork by John Manders, which manages to make even a gruff dragon endearing. This book is perfect to read to a young child who is just beginning to understand concepts of more and less, and ideal for a beginning reader ready to tackle simple stories on her own.

Tie-in Activity: In the Weigh. If you have a scale, you and your child can play a similar game to the one in the story. Which weighs more: a stack of books or a large stuffed animal? Have your child guess, then weigh the objects and see if the guess was right. Try other sets of objects, too!