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The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto

This exciting tale is perfect for a dog lover, especially one who is just getting comfortable reading slightly longer stories on his or her own. Based on an actual event that occurred in 1925, this thrilling story by Natalie Standiford introduces readers to a heroic dog named Balto. When harsh winter weather prevents planes or trains from reaching Nome, Alaska, a sled-dog relay is set up to deliver life-saving medicine to the town. Follow along as lead dog Balto guides both his handler and the other dogs on the last leg of the journey. Part of the Dr. Seuss & His Friends Beginner Books series, this dramatic story is enriched by the finely-detailed illustrations of Donald Cook. It’s a perfect mix of history, heroism, and adventure that will inspire readers of all ages.

Tie-in Activity: Relay Run. Set up a relay race for three or more players. Have players stand at "stops" in an area where it is safe to run. Player 1 runs from the first stop to the second, where Player 2 is waiting. Player 1 hands a toy to Player 2, who then runs to the third stop, and so on. Time the relay. Can players beat their time?