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Once Upon a Mastodon

Discover animals that lived during the Great Ice Age with the Cat in the Hat! Readers will be introduced to prehistoric animals such as mastodons, dire wolves, aurochs, and Smilodon—better known as a saber-toothed cat. Author Bonnie Worth’s enjoyable verse helps make the fun facts and information easily understandable. It’s likely that everyone will learn something along with the Cat in the Hat, such as the difference between a mammoth and a mastodon. Detailed and humorous illustrations by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu make it easy to imagine these creatures that once walked the earth. Though the last Ice Age was long ago, you can look forward to exploring and learning about it with this addition to The Cat in the Hat Learning Library series.

Tie-in Activity: Cave Paintings. Cut out a section of a plain brown paper bag. Crumple the sheet and then smooth it out. Encourage your child to use colored pencils or pastel chalks to draw a "cave" painting on the bumpy brown paper.