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Monster Trucks!

Is your young reader already a fan of monster trucks? Even if he or she has never seen one before, this monstrously fun and informative selection in the Dr. Seuss & His Friends Beginner Books series is sure to add some roaring excitement to reading time. The easy-to-read nonfiction text by award-winning author Susan E. Goodman explains simply and clearly what a monster truck is, how it works, and what happens at a monster truck show. Helpful photographs taken and selected by Michael J. Doolittle pull readers right into the action, showing off the trucks as they flip, jump, crush, and race their way into the hearts of fans everywhere. Readers will also meet some of the drivers and crew members that keep these mighty machines running. Get ready for this to be a huge hit with your reader!

Tie-in Activity: Car Crush. Cover the top and sides of a toy car with a small piece of aluminum foil to make a mold, and then remove the toy. Line up several foil molds, and allow your child to use a toy truck to crush them!