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Mouse Makes Words

This engaging Dr. Seuss & His Friends Bright and Early Book is ideal for the beginning reader who is learning to "sound out" simple words on his or her own. Written by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook, the story features an adorable mouse that changes the first letter of a word to form a new one; so a hat becomes a cat. (Perhaps that’s not so good for Mouse!) The inventive ways that Mouse pushes, scoops, or rolls letters is amusingly rendered by illustrator Patrick Joseph, helping to hold the reader’s attention. The simple rhymes and pattern in the book make it a wonderful choice to help build proficiencies in areas such as awareness of letter sounds and groups. It’s a great way to give a child a boost as he or she masters important reading skills.

Tie-in Activity: End the Same Game. Mouse encourages readers to keep playing the game by making words that end the same. Try it! Write several simple words on separate slips of paper. Let your child pick one and see if he or she can think of a rhyme.