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George Washington and the General's Dog

Most people know that George Washington was a great American hero. But this enjoyable easy-to-read story reveals something readers may not know about America’s first president: George Washington loved animals! Based on true historical events, author Frank Murphy provides a child-friendly overview of the American Revolution, while sharing a sweet story about the kind and honorable General Washington. The heartwarming illustrations by Richard Walz help young readers picture events that actually took place, as the Colonial Army bravely battled the British. This book is a wonderful way to introduce history to young readers—and will be especially delightful for anyone who loves dogs.

Tie-in Activity: Bark Along. Bark, woof, or yap instead of singing the words to a familiar song. Make it a game by having your child guess the name of the song; then it’s your turn to name the tune as your child barks along.