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Riddles and More Riddles!

Adding shredded carrots to your favorite muffin recipe sneaks some good-for-you veggies into a yummy snack. Adding a book of riddles to your child’s library slips critical thinking and language-comprehension skills into a giggling good time! Riddles help develop a child’s understanding that a single word can have multiple meanings. Riddles also promote flexible and logical thinking, showing a child that when a question is asked in the right way, the results can be hilarious. The amusing book is a compilation of two previously published titles written by Bennett Cerf, a master of language who was the editor of none other than Dr. Seuss himself. This new edition features whimsical illustrations by Debbie Palen that add humor to every colorful page, while aiding comprehension at the same time. Playing with language is fun—so don’t be surprised if your child starts asking you why the boy threw the clock out the window!

Tie-in Activity: Riddle Hall of Fame
A joke that makes one child laugh might make another groan—and that’s okay! As your child develops his own sense of humor, help him jot down his favorite jokes to create his own personal book of laughs.