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Flip Flop!

What should two best friends do on a sunny summer day? Whether it’s the pool or the beach, the fair or the zoo, there are many wonderful ways to spend the time together. Though it’s hard for the friends to decide what to do, it’s easy to see why Flip Flop! is the perfect title for this simple rhyming story by author Dana Meachen Rau. The playful art by Jana Christy reminds readers of some of summer’s favorite pastimes, while providing helpful picture clues that give new readers a word-recognition boost. Is it better to read this Bright and Early Book on a warm summer’s day or a cold winter’s night? Either way, the story will definitely put a sunny smile on your face!

Tie-in Activity: Summer Fun-To-Do List
Create a list of activities your child (or your entire family) would like to do or try over the summer. (You can use this book as inspiration!) Post the list and check off activities as you do them.