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Tooth Fairy's Night

When children go to sleep, the Tooth Fairy goes to work. Told in simple, rhyming verse, this lighthearted look at a typical night for the Tooth Fairy invites readers to imagine what happens when a child puts a tooth under a pillow. Part of the Bright and Early book series, the easy-to-read words used to tell the story make it a perfect book for new readers. But everyone will love the charming story by Candice Ransom and the adorable illustrations of Monique Dong. Puppies, cats, stuffed animals—the Tooth Fairy's job isn't always easy, but it's one that is sure to bring smiles to readers of all ages.

Tie-in Activity: What does the Tooth Fairy look like?
To answer the question, gather items such as leaves, flower petals, twigs, and similar objects with your child. Encourage your child to draw a picture of the Tooth Fairy on cardstock and glue the gathered items onto it to complete the picture.