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The Stinky Giant

Pepper and Jake love herding sheep in the little valley where they live. But they have a big problem: When the stinky giant who lives on top of the mountain dumps his dirty laundry water, it causes a flood down below. The giant agrees to move, but only if the children can solve a tricky riddle. Otherwise the children will be soup! Authors Ellen Weiss and Mel Friedman encourage kids to put on their thinking caps to solve the riddle (hint: simple science helps). If a reader is searching for clues, the warm illustrations by Alessia Girasole are a wonderful place to look.

Tie-in Activity: Three States of Matter
It's easy to show this science concept to your child. Place some ice in a glass bowl—it's a solid. Now wait and watch as the ice melts—it's a liquid. Finally, place the bowl in the microwave and heat the water—steam (a gas) will rise as the water is heated.