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Cooking with the Grinch

Dr. Seuss's beloved characters from How the Grinch Stole Christmas! are the inspiration for this heartwarming tale that's perfect for new readers. The Grinch and Cindy-Lou Who are cooking up something special—but Max the dog isn't allowed in the kitchen. What are they making? Find out in this charming story by Tish Rabe written in easy-to-read verse that makes a delightful addition to the Bright & Early Books® series. Readers will love the colorful illustrations by Tom Brannon that bring the Grinch, Cindy-Lou, and Max to life. To cook up even more fun, there's a dog treat recipe at the end of the story!

Tie-in Activity: Kitchen Math
Making something in the kitchen (like dog treats!) with your little one is a great way to practice math skills. Try demonstrating early concepts such as more/less or empty/full for the youngest chefs; counting concepts such as two eggs or ten biscuits for preschoolers; or practicing fractions with older children. Math can be delicious!