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Pizza Pig

Serve up a story of kindness with this fresh addition to the Bright & Early Books® series in the Dr. Seuss™ & His Friends collection. Pig is a talented chef who can make a pizza to please any animal: Topped with tin cans. Topped with twigs. Topped with slop for muddy pigs. But when pig sees that Turtle won't take a bite, he finds just the right ingredient to make her meal perfect. Find out what that is in this playful story by Diana Murry that delivers the perfect mix of rhyme and repetition for early readers. Adorable illustrations by Maria Karipidou give readers a delightful peek at the diners in the pizza shop while providing helpful context clues for new readers. It's sure to become a family favorite—just like pizza!

Tie-in Activity: Top It
It can be fun imagining what kind of pizza toppings different animals would order. Draw or trace several circles on a blank sheet of paper, then draw lines to turn them into pizza pies. Encourage your little one to “top” each pie by drawing ingredients a specific animal might like. You can try to guess the animal based on what's on the pizza.