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Dr. Seuss's Book of Animals

When you look through this book you'll see cute creatures—some real and some imaginary—all using illustrations from a variety of books by Dr. Seuss! Part of the Bright & Early Books® series, the rhythmic Seussian rhyme makes this concept book great fun to read aloud (and help your little one with phonological awareness) or a simple book for young readers to try on their own. Either way, readers will enjoy seeing the world of animals through the eyes of Dr. Seuss, where “Some animals are shaggy. Some animals are waggy. Some are even ziggy-zaggy!” This lighthearted book is sure to become a favorite of animal lovers everywhere!

Tie-in Activity: Silly Animal Match
Fold six or more sheets of paper in half and have your child draw different animals on the papers so that heads are on one side of the fold and bodies are on the other. Cut the papers along the fold, then staple along the tops of both sets. Place the sets side by side; your child can flip the pages to make silly animal head-and-body matches.