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Jack and Jill and T-Ball Bill

It's time to play ball! Jack and Jill have their mitts and are in the game—but what happens when Big Dog Bill wants to play, too? Author Terry Pierce uses short rhyming words to tell a rollicking story about a lovable dog who changes a game of T-ball into a game of chase—all while incorporating essential learn-to-read concepts such as alliteration, rhyming, and word families to help build essential pre-reading skills. Adorable illustrations by Sue DiCicco make it easy for young readers to follow the action and use picture clues to help them understand the story. Whether this delightful addition to the Bright & Early Books® series inspires your little one to play ball, play with a dog, or just read the story again, the result is fun for everyone.

Tie-in Activity: Milk Jug Catch
No baseball mitt? You can play catch with milk jugs! Cut two clean, empty gallon-size milk jugs in half a few inches below the handles and wrap tape over any sharp edges. Holding the jugs by the handles, players can use them to toss and catch a light plastic or fabric ball.