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The Little Red Caboose

Puff! Puff! Clickety-Clack! Train lovers everywhere will be on board with this new rendition of the beloved classic children's book by Marian Potter. The heartwarming story of a little caboose that saves the train has been rewritten by author Kristen L. Depken with words and phrasing that make it easy for new readers to follow along. The fresh illustrations of artist Sue DiCicco bring the little caboose to life, while helping young readers decode the story. This latest addition to the Bright & Early Books® series will have readers cheering for the little red caboose.

Tie-in Activity: Start and Stop
Place several clean, empty plastic water bottles on the floor and use a small ball (like a tennis ball) to knock them over. Then have your little one try to keep the bottles from toppling over by placing other objects (such as a pillow or some books) behind them.