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Cooking with Sam-I-Am

Ever want to make green eggs and ham? Then join the beloved character Sam-I-Am in this delightful rhyming reader as he cooks up his famous dish step-by-step with friends Mouse and Fox. Inspired by the Beginner Books® classic Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, this simple story features the same positive message about trying new foods. Short text and picture clues make it easy for new readers to tackle the story on their own. Don't be surprised if your little one wants to cook up some fun in the kitchen after enjoying this story!

Tie-in Activity: Try It!
Make a green eggs and ham “Try It” chart to encourage picky eaters to try new foods. Each time your child tries a new food, write that food on the chart. Allow your child to check off that the food was tried, and add a heart or a smiley face to indicate “I like it!”