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Dr. Seuss's 123

Count on Dr. Seuss to make learning numbers fun! This easy-to-read counting book, inspired by Dr. Seuss and illustrated with artwork from his books, introduces the numerals 1-20. The simple and somewhat silly verse follows predictable patterns, while the colorful artwork selected from a variety of Dr. Seuss classics will inspire your little one to count the funny things listed on every page. Starting with one cat on a ball and all the way through to 20 Fuddnuddlers, it all adds up to learning fun with Dr. Seuss!

Tie-in Activity: Make a Monster
Create a funny counting creature. On a blank sheet of paper, draw a large oval. Have your child draw one body part on it, add two of another body part, three of another, and so on. For example, your child might make a creature with one nose, two mouths, three legs, four arms, and five eyes.