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What Cat Is That?

Introduce your child to the many fascinating facts about wild and domestic cats with one of the most famous cats in the world, the Cat in the Hat! The Cat takes readers (and Sally and Nick) aboard his Kitty-Cat Copter to see all sorts of feline friends, from lions and tigers to the kitty down the block. This selection from The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library® explains the ways that cats are similar (such as having whiskers and scratchy tongues), as well as highlighting some unique aspects of a few of them. Cat-lovers will be purr- fectly pleased with this book, which introduces nonfiction facts in easy-to-understand verse, making comprehension easier for readers just starting to read for information.

Tie-in Activity: Cat Stretch
If you and your child have been snuggled up together reading for a while, it might be time for a cat stretch. In an open area with soft flooring, get on hands and knees and slowly arch your back to stretch like a cat. Then walk your hands out, extend your arms, and stretch again.