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A Skunk in My Bunk!

This super-simple, delightfully silly Beginner Book from award-winning author Christopher Cerf supports new readers by highlighting the basics of word construction. Inspired by the style of Dr. Seuss's classic Hop on Pop, the pages display rhyming words placed directly above each other to show their shared construction. A Skunk in My Bunk! combines phonics and word recognition to make learning to read easy—and fun! With bright, charming illustrations by Nicola Slater, kids will be delighted to read for themselves about a goat in a coat in a boat in a moat, a pig in a wig dancing a jig, a skunk in a bunk, and more!

Tie-in Activity: Letter Swap
Make a set of alphabet cards by writing each letter on an index card—you can make doubles of more commonly-used letters such as r, s, t, l and n. Then spell out a simple word for your child with the cards, such as cat or pig. Have your child select another letter card to change the word—so cat could become rat, or pig could become wig.