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Out of Sight Till Tonight!

Which animals get up when the sun goes down? Find out by traveling with the Cat in the Hat to learn about nocturnal animals, from familiar ones such as owls and bats, to unusual ones such as the fennec fox. The Cat, along with his helpers Thing One and Thing Two, also explain the special adaptations these animals have that make them able to navigate in the dark. Readers will learn how eye shine makes some animals' eyes glow in the dark, and how bats use high-pitched squeaks to fly at night. Not only is the verse by writer Tish Rabe easy to read, it's also easy to understand—helped along by the illustrations from artists Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu. Get ready to stay up a bit after bedtime and learn all about animals that come out at night!

Tie-in Activity: Hear that, Bat?
Test players' skills to see if they can “follow” sound just like a bat. In an open, safe area, blindfold the player who is the bat. Then let other players move around that player making squeaking sounds. Let the “bat” try to catch the “insect.”