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Would You Rather Be A Pollywog?

This informative book from The Cat in the Hat™ Learning Library series reveals how a quiet pond is full of life! Starting with the creatures found in a drop of pond water, and then moving to much bigger animals such as fish, insects, snails, turtles, ducks, frogs, and of course, pollywogs, the Cat in the Hat shows readers how these very different creatures all make their homes in and around ponds. The easy-to-read verse by author Bonnie Worth also details the stages of development of insects and frogs, including the difference between complete and incomplete metamorphosis. With amusing illustrations by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu that truly help explain the concepts, this is a wonderful book that will inspire readers of all ages to learn about the natural world.

Tie-in Activity: Pond Plate Painting
Swirl blue, yellow, and green finger paints on a white paper plate to make a “pond.” Then cut apart an empty cardboard egg carton and use paints, construction paper, and pipe cleaners to create the turtles, frogs, and bugs that live at the pond.