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Garden Day!

Welcome springtime by working in a garden—or reading about an adorable brother and sister pair planting peas in their own backyard. This simple story by author Candice Ransom follows the two eager gardeners as they dig holes, place seeds, and water them (and each other!) as they dig into their garden. Part of the Bright and Early book series, the easy-to-read rhyming story is brought to life with the bright, fun art of illustrator Erika Meza. It's a wonderful way to share the delights of gardening and watching something grow.

Tie-in Activity: Window Sprouts
Fold a paper towel into quarters, moisten with water, and place in a clear, sealable sandwich bag. Place a dry bean (such as a pinto bean) between the towel and plastic so that you can see it. Seal the bag and tape to a sunny widow. Watch the bean sprout, then plant it in soil to keep it growing.