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Shut the Door!

When a little bear forgets to close the door to his house, he encounters a series of unwelcome (and untidy) visitors—including flies, a skunk, and a moose! This rhymed easy-reader by Robert Lopshire—author of Put Me in the Zoo and I Want to Be Somebody New!—is perfect for beginning readers, and its surprise ending will leave kids giggling with glee while reinforcing the message that we ALL need to be responsible for our actions. With charming new illustrations by Maria Karipidou, this is the kind of classic, funny Beginner Book with a message that kids and parents will appreciate.

Tie-in Activity: Trading Chores
The little bear in the story had some chores to do. To make cleaning up a bit more fun, give your child a list of age-appropriate chores, such as putting away toys or matching socks. Set a timer, and have your child start one chore while you start another. When the timer goes off, swap chores! Keeping going until the chores on the list are done.