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If I Ran the Horse Show

Get ready to ride! In this delightful adventure with the Cat in the Hat, readers will learn all about horses. The Cat in the Hat happily explains everything horsey, from nose to tail, including fun facts about some of the most popular breeds of horses. The Cat will show readers how people and horses have worked together since ancient times; what a farrier is (and does) and the difference between foals, yearlings, mares, and stallions; and much, much more! Lively verse by Bonnie Worth and easy-to-understand illustrations by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu are perfect for old and new horse lovers everywhere.

Tie-in Activity: Indoor Horseshoes
Make an indoor horseshoe game with a few sheets of cardboard, an empty paper-towel tube, play dough, and tape. Place a large glob of play dough onto the cardboard and press the tube into it, so that the tube stands upright on its own. Cut out two identical horseshoe shapes from cardboard and tape together to make them heavy enough to toss easily. Repeat to make more horseshoes. To play, try to toss the horseshoes around the tube.