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High? Low? Where Did It Go?

It's not easy to see the animals in this book, because the Cat in the Hat is introducing young readers to the concept of camouflage—a type of adaptation that helps some animals to survive. Children will learn how animals blend in with their surroundings to stay alive, from well-known ones like polar bears to lesser-known ones like stick insects. The delightful verse by author Tish Rabe makes the early science concepts easy to understand, while the illustrations by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu delight readers by letting them look for the creatures that are hiding in plain sight.

Tie-in Activity: Find the Animals
If your child has a set of small plastic animal figurines, you can set up a hidden animal search. Hide the animals in plain sight in places they blend in—a polar bear on a white pillow, a gray shark on a gray rug, and so on. Put a few animals that contrast with the background around the room as well. Ask your child to find the animals—and see what he or she spots first and last.