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Go, Go, Tractors!

Get ready for a rollicking, rhyming ride from author Candice Ransom as you travel along through the world of tractors. Join a vehicle-loving brother and sister duo as they discover tractors that push, pull, flash, and smash. Bright, bouncy art by Mike Yamada helps young vehicle-enthusiasts enjoy the journey. Budding readers will take pride in cruising through the simple, decodable text in this delightful addition to the Bright and Early line of books.

Tie-in Activity: Muddy Masterpiece
If you have a safe outdoor space and don't mind a mess, have your child make a mud painting. Roll out a large sheet of butcher paper and mix a small amount of potting soil and water in a bucket. Allow your child to dip the wheels of a toy tractor in the mud, then roll the tractor on the paper to make a masterpiece.