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Would You, Could You Plant a Tree?

One of Dr. Seuss's most popular characters—the Lorax—leads the way as he explains the importance of trees in simple, rhymed text. The story by author Todd Tarpley features Dr. Seuss's iconic character who "speaks for the trees." The Lorax explains many facts about trees, such as how trees clean the air we breathe, and how kids can plant a tree of their own! Illustrator Patrick Spaziante delivers colorful illustrations in an updated Seuss style that pair wonderfully with the text. The story is a perfect choice for Earth Day, Arbor Day, or any day!

Tie-in Activity: Sprout a Tree
Consider sprouting a tree from a seed. Let your child help you research online the types of tree seeds that can be found in your local area, and the best time of year to collect them. Get permission if needed, then take a nature walk with your child to find the seeds—for example, acorns, chestnuts, hazelnuts, or maple "helicopter" seeds. Then plant the seeds and watch them grow.