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Would You, Could You Save the Sea?

The Lorax is back! This time, Dr. Seuss's iconic character "speaks for the seas." The wise Lorax shares facts about the wondrous variety of life that exists under the ocean and points out the harm done by careless pollution. Readers are encouraged to create their own "Clean-It-Up Plan" by recycling and reducing their dependence on plastics. Author Todd Tarpley's cheerful rhymed text is accompanied by brightly-colored illustrations from illustrator Patrick Spaziante. A wonderful read for Earth Day or any day!

Tie-in Activity: Operation Clean-Up
Together with your child, have a recycling scavenger hunt around your house or in a local park. How many plastic water bottles and other recyclable items can you collect? Ask your child to draw a poster that lists different ways you can reduce your family's use of disposable plastics.