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I Am Kind

Repeating positive affirmations can help children boost their self-confidence. In the uplifting story I Am Kind, author Suzy Capozzi shares the tale of a little girl who observes kindness all around her. The girl's mother is kind when she volunteers in the community, and her neighbor is kind when he shares strawberries from his garden. Even her nature troop is kind when they take care of the earth! The little girl realizes that she, too, has the power to be kind. Complimented by Eren Unten's simple illustrations, this sweet story reminds readers that even small actions can have a big impact.

Tie-in Activity: Sprinkle Kindness
Discuss with your child ways that they might be kind—letting someone else go first, sharing a toy, or offering to help with something. Write their ideas on pieces of paper and put them in a jar. Every day, choose a slip of paper and have your child try to perform that act of kindness. By the time the jar is empty, their heart should be full.