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This Makes Me Happy

Children often show their emotion with laughter or tears, but they don't always know the words to express those feelings. This cheerful story by author Courtney Carbone introduces kids to those words as they learn to read—making it a happy addition to the Beginner Books series. This Makes Me Happy follows a young girl on a fun field trip to a fair. Her adventure is brought to life by the colorful artwork of Hilli Kushnir. When the young narrator's nut allergy keeps her from eating a treat with the rest of her classmates, she learns that even the happiest of days can have unhappy moments. Still, after reflecting on her trip and recognizing her feelings, she is positive about her positively happy day.

Tie-in Activity: Happy Times
Make a happiness board. Have your child draw or cut out pictures of the people and activities that make them happy and paste the pictures onto a piece of poster board. They can look at their creation whenever their mood needs a little lift.