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Tinker Bell's Secret Adventure

Everyone’s favorite fairy sidekick, Tinker Bell, headlines this delightful tale based on the timeless classic, Peter Pan. When Captain Hook’s minion, Smee, decides to capture Tinker Bell as a way of luring Peter Pan into his clutches, the fairy unwittingly drops into an adventure of her own. She quickly discovers that Smee isn’t nearly as wicked as Hook, but they still wind up in the evil Captain’s lair. When Peter and the Lost Boys learn of Tink’s plight, they set out to Hook’s ship to rescue her. By the time they arrive, Smee has freed the fairy—but Peter and Hook still engage in a battle of wits and swords. After Peter prevails once again, Tinker Bell bids goodbye to her new friend and heads back to the safety of Neverland with her loyal rescuers.

Tie-in Activity: Ask your child to think of a time when someone unexpectedly rose to his defense or offered an unlikely friendship. Encourage him to think about how it made him feel, and to seek out situations where he might do the same for someone else.