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The Mickey Mouse Riddle Book

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and all their Disney friends bring a smile to your child’s face in this book of over 30 simple child-friendly riddles. If your child is ready, encourage her to read the riddles to you. The language used in the riddles is designed for beginning readers, and reading the riddles aloud allows her to "teach" you the answers, which helps build confidence. Riddles also improve your child’s critical-thinking and reading comprehension skills by helping her to see the play on words within the riddle—something that’s also helped by the delightful illustrations of the punch-lines. Your child won’t see it as learning, though. With the laughter and smiles that the delightful Disney characters and the amusing riddles bring, she’ll just see it as fun!

Tie-in Activity: Riddles are a great way for people to bond through laughter, which is why jokes and riddles are so often shared between people. Riddles are also easily repeatable, making it easy for your child to share them with others. To help your child do this, start a collection of favorite riddles that you see and hear, and have your child create his own riddle book. He can even draw pictures for the silly punch-lines. This will help him remember and repeat the riddles to others and be the star of the show—or at least the family dinner table.