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The classic tale of Rapunzel is given a new twist in Tangled. Based on the hit Disney film, this storybook brings to life the spirited heroine, Rapunzel–along with her magical golden hair. Since she was a baby, Rapunzel has been raised inside a tall tower by Mother Gothel, who really only loves Rapunzel’s magical hair. When Rapunzel finally escapes the tower in the company of a good-hearted thief named Flynn Rider, she finds out more than she ever imagined about the outside world and herself. This adventurous tale reminds readers of the power of true love, while warming our hearts with its messages of hope.

Tie-in Activity: Rapunzel amuses herself in the tower by drawing on the walls. If you have an appropriate space, tape large sheets of white butcher paper to a wall, covering it completely. Give your child some crayons and encourage her to draw on this "special" wall just like Rapunzel. (Remind her, of course, that all other walls are off-limits.)