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Peter Pan

This timeless classic chronicles the magical friendship that develops between Peter Pan and Wendy after he flies through the window of the Darling nursery. Children of all ages will see their wildest fantasies play out on the page as Peter Pan teaches Wendy and her brothers to fly and leads them on an unforgettable adventure to the island of Never Land. With the help of the fairy Tinker Bell, the group conquers the evil Captain Hook and preserves the Lost Boys’ place in Never Land. Combining rich language, imaginative storylines, and themes of friendship and childhood, Peter Pan instills in young readers a newfound appreciation of their own families and youth.

Tie-in Activity: Inspired by Peter Pan’s pirate plotline, create a homemade treasure chest with small treats and trinkets. Reward kids for notable accomplishments—picking up their toys, potty training, etc.—by allowing them to select a treasure from the chest.