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A time-honored tale that illustrates the importance of honesty, Pinocchio begins with a lonely old woodcarver, Geppetto, who makes a wooden doll to keep himself company. When a benevolent fairy brings Pinocchio to life, Geppetto is delighted to have a real, honest-to-goodness son. But when the willful Pinocchio begins to go against his father’s wishes and tells lies about his escapades, his growing nose gives him away, eventually causing the fairy to turn him into a donkey. When a repentant Pinocchio rescues his father from a whale, the wooden doll regains his status as a boy, complete with a conscience to help him determine right from wrong. In addition to being inspired and entertained, kids will learn the importance of obeying their elders and always telling the truth.

Tie-in Activity: To pay homage to Pinocchio’s origins, help your child create his own marionette using sticks, strings, and foam cups. Start with one foam cup; this will be your marionette's head. Attach two strings to the inside of the lip of your head cup and tie the loose ends to a control stick. Put a string through the bottoms of each of your feet cups and attach the free ends of those strings to the bottom of the head cup. Draw funny faces on your head cup and decorate your marionette's shoes, and dance away! You can also use a stick as the puppet's nose and tell the story of Pinocchio from memory.