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Inspired by an old Chinese folktale, this delightful adaptation of the exciting Disney movie tells the story of a young Chinese woman named Mulan. When her injured father is called to serve in the Imperial Army, Mulan takes his place by dressing as a man. She soon finds that the fate of the entire country rests in her hands! Brought to life with delightful illustrations by the Disney Storybook Artists, this stirring tale of courage, family, and being true to yourself is sure to earn a place of honor on your bookshelf.

Tie-in Activity: Try making this pretty paper fan. Use clear tape to connect three sheets of white office paper together end-to-end, lengthwise. Next, tear different colors of tissue paper in to small pieces (it’s a great way to recycle old gift paper!) Use a glue stick to paste the pieces onto one side of the taped papers. When you finish, smooth the tissue-paper pieces with your hand, and glue any loose edges to make sure that the pieces lay flat. Fold the paper accordion style, and then wrap and tie a ribbon around the bottom two inches to make a handle. Spread the folds above the ribbon to open your fan.