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What Is Black and White?

This clever board book is a delight for both newborns and toddlers. In the first months of life, babies respond to bold, high-contrast colors such as black and white, and the fun animal photos and patterns are designed to stimulate that developing sense of sight. But your child will enjoy this book as he grows, too. Allow him to answer the simple questions about what is black and white as you read the text, which builds his sense of pride and accomplishment. The easy-to-understand text also introduces him to some very different animals that are still alike in an important way, helping to reinforce categorization skills.

Tie-in Activity: Try painting with pattern. Cut out clean sponges into shapes such as circles or squares. Dip the sponge into a shallow dish filled with washable nontoxic white paint, and print the shape on black construction paper. Start a pattern, and let you child try to complete it. Or just let your toddler have fun making patterns in black and white.