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Little Lullabies

Babies love to look at faces, especially the faces of other babies, and because this delightful board book is filled with precious photos of sleeping babies it may become a bedtime favorite. Make the storybook experience even more special by cuddling with your baby as you sing the well-known lullaby verses that accompany each adorable picture. It’s a wonderful bedtime book that can help get your baby ready for a good night’s sleep.

Tie-in Activity: Although lullabies are often sung at bedtime, these relaxing tunes can soothe a fussy baby at other times, too. Sing a favorite song to your baby when you are in a relaxed moment, perhaps as you dry him off after a warm bath or gently massage him after changing his diaper. When your baby associates a song with comfort, hearing that song may help calm him in other situations, such as waiting at the doctor’s office or while riding in a car.