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Little Poems

Introduce your baby to the beauty of poetry by sharing this child-friendly board book that features poems by famed authors such as Robert Louis Stevenson. Each short verse paints a delightful picture with words, and the captivating photos and illustrations help capture the attention of little ones, too. As babies and toddlers listen to the soothing sounds and rhythms of the poems, they won’t know they’re developing an awareness of the short sounds (or phonemes) that are the building blocks of language. They’ll just know this book is a snuggle-up favorite.

Tie-in Activity: Make short poems part of your nightly routine. For example, you might recite one as your child is taking a bath, putting on pajamas, and then finish off by reading a few once she’s snuggled in bed. By saying the same poems over and over, your child may eventually say them along with you—and the security of the relaxing routine may make it easier for her to get ready to sleep.