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The Butter Battle Book

Dr. Seuss’s timeless lesson in getting along is a cautionary tale that shows us that differences over silly things can quickly spin out of control—with some very troublesome results. The wall that divides the Yooks from the Zooks has been built because one group eats their bread butter-side up, while the other dines with it butter-side down. As each side begins to display ever larger and more fantastical weapons, such as the Eight-Nozzled, Elephant-Toted Boom-Blitz, the reader can see how silly both sides are acting. The clever rhymes and imaginative illustrations are classic Seuss, and this open-ended story is sure to lead to conversations about peaceful ways to resolve differences.

Tie-in Activity: This book is sure to inspire discussion. Ask your child to imagine himself in the role of the peacemaker. What would he suggest to make peace between the Yooks and the Zooks? If you like, you can allow him to design a fantastical "peace-making machine," allowing him to tell you what it could do and how it would bring peace to the Yooks and the Zooks.