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What Pet Should I Get?

Author Ted Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, often worked on multiple projects at a time. Sometimes he would start a story and set it aside for later. One of those projects, discovered years after the world lost Dr. Seuss, resulted in the title What Pet Should I Get? This brand-new story written by Dr. Seuss features a brother and sister trying to decide exactly which pet they should take home from the pet store. Of course, all the hallmarks of a story by Dr. Seuss are present: a few fantastical creatures, Seuss’s signature rhyme, engaging illustrations, a clever ending, and a priceless lesson about making up one’s mind. The book also includes editor’s notes that explain the history and process of bringing the unfinished work to publication. If you’re a longtime fan of the many works of Dr. Seuss, then the thrill of reading an original story is a special treat. But even if a reader only knows a few of the good doctor’s books, this is one that is sure to be enjoyed.

Tie-in Activity: Pet Vet. Set up a "vet’s office" with stuffed animals, bandages, toy doctor’s kit, and so on. If you like, look through some favorite Dr. Seuss titles and make some of his imaginative creatures the "patients."