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Elmo's Colorful Adventure

Take a colorful trip through Elmo’s World as Elmo looks for his favorite toy, Baby David. Where is Baby David hiding? Elmo isn’t sure, but he decides to use his imagination to look on the bottom of Dorothy’s fish bowl, on a lily pad, and many other colorful places! With imagination the sky—or maybe the moon—is the limit! Then use the activity book, Color Magic, to do some magical learning about colors. Help Big Bird solve the clues to find Ernie, who is hiding in Crayon World. Then color in a picnic for Elmo and Zoe, or learn—and count—the seven colors of the rainbow. For a real-life rainbow, try the rainbow-making experiment, or try some other color-recognition ideas suggested in the Adventure Cards.

Tie-in Activity - Make Color Magic: Put blue finger-paint on one hand and yellow on the other. Mix the paints together on paper and say the magic words—a la peanut-butter sandwiches—and see how the colors have changed. What other colors can you magically make?