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My Book of Firsts

Two engaging stories celebrate some important first milestones in a child’s life. The first story is all about using the bathroom! After all, using the potty, washing your hands, and doing other bathroom activities independently are important steps on the way to being a "big kid." In the second sweet story, we’ll join Betty Lou as she goes for her very first haircut. Both stories reinforce the things people need to do to care for themselves with a positive message, and reassure children that these are very normal parts of growing up. The Adventure Cards are full of more self-aware, self-care tips, including a fun potty-training song and ways to practice good bathroom manners. The Look What I Can Do! activity book carries on the theme of independence. Whether it’s drawing a handprint or making a family fire-drill plan, your child is sure to feel proud of all she can do.

Tie-in Activity - Wash Away: Have a hand-washing contest with your child. Give both of you the same amount of soap and see who can create more suds by scrubbing!