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My O & P Storybook

Give a grouchy "hooray" for the letter O, which just happens to be Oscar’s favorite letter of the alphabet. Then see what Zoe has in the pockets of her new purple pants—you can be sure there are plenty of things that start with the letter P. Both rhyming stories are great for reinforcing letter and letter-sound awareness, while the amusing illustrations keep readers smiling. Then get dressed for fun with the What’ll I Wear? activity book. Readers can practice counting to 2 or counting by 2s as they look for missing mittens. Color the picture while planning Zoe’s day—and look for the letters O and P on the signs. Use the Adventure Cards as inspiration for other everyday learning activities, such as hunting for foods that are shaped like Os or spinning your arms like a pinwheel.

Tie-in Activity - Laundry Learning: Make sorting the laundry a learning experience. Have your child look for all the stripes, polka dots, the color purple, and so on, as you sort.