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The ABCs of Cookies

There is plenty of alphabet fun in the kitchen as Cookie Monster puts on an apron and gets ready to bake cookies! Told in delightful verse that reinforces letter learning, this story includes other Sesame Street friends who are more than happy to help Cookie Monster make (and eat!) a yummy afternoon snack. Your child will enjoy more tasty fun with the Num-Num-Num! activity book: she can practice sequencing skills by baking bread with Cookie Monster; drop in at Dena’s Diner to look for things that start with the letter D; and use logic skills to match the insides and outsides of fruits and vegetables. Encourage helping in the kitchen with tips in the Activity Cards, and try other learning-in-the-kitchen activities, such as measuring and making cookies that look like zeroes.

Tie-in Activity - Encourage Healthy Habits: Tour the refrigerator with your child and categorize "anytime" and "sometimes" foods. (Don’t want to let the cold air out? Take a photo with your smartphone and work with that.) Then enjoy an "anytime" treat together!