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Happy & Sad, Grouchy and Glad

The characters from Sesame Street are ready to share their feelings with you in one of Prairie Dawn’s delightful plays. Take your time as you read the book and see if your child can name and perhaps imitate each of the emotions shown by the characters. You’ll see that Elmo is proud that he can tie his shoe, Cookie Monster is sad that the cookies are gone, and Shelly the Turtle feels shy reciting her rhyme for everyone. Identifying and naming feelings—positive and negative—helps your child’s emotional growth. (It’s comforting to know that even upbeat Big Bird has a grouchy day now and then!) The How Do You Feel? activity book identifies even more feelings through simple learning activities. Feeling sleepy? Elmo is—but he still has time to explore the way others sleep. Ernie is feeling silly and acting like a monkey—and he wants readers to follow along. Keep exploring feelings—along with other key preschool concepts—by trying a game of "Feeling Charades" suggested in the Activity Cards, or get some tips on ways to talk to your child the next time he feels grouchy.

Tie-in Activity - Sensing Feelings: Talk about how facial expressions suggest a feeling. Together, look through a magazine or photo album and ask your child to guess what people are feeling, using cues from their expressions, and exercise your creative thinking skills to dream up some imaginary reasons why. How can he tell when someone is feeling happy?