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Elmo's First Babysitter

Elmo’s mommy and daddy are going out for the evening. That makes Elmo excited—and a little bit nervous—because he is having a babysitter for the very first time. His babysitter, Emily, turns out to be really nice, and Elmo can’t wait until she comes back. This reassuring story helps readers realize that not only is it okay to be anxious about a new sitter, but also that the babysitter might turn out to be a great new friend. The excitement of first experiences, along with practicing important preschool skills, continues in the Firsts for Me activity book. Join waiter Grover on his first day on the job to do some soup bowl subtraction, or help Big Bird teach Snuffy how to do the limbo. Use the Adventure Cards in conjunction with the story: there are suggestions for making food faces or having a fun dance party, just like Emily and Elmo!

Tie-in Activity - Things to Do with You: To make the babysitter’s job easier, make a list of your child’s favorite games, songs, foods, and so on. If you like, have your child help you make the list, so that he’s looking forward to the babysitter’s visit.