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The Together Book

Some things are just more fun doing them together—like story time! Snuggle up with your child to read The Together Book, a story that encourages readers to help a Sesame Street friend solve a problem. As you read together, pause on the playful cartoonlike pictures that present a variety of ideas that might answer the question, and allow your child to practice problem-solving skills by pointing out the two things that go together. The activity book It Takes Two continues the theme of friendship, with a picture-reader (rebus) story about Bert and Ernie, a drawing activity with Big Bird and Snuffy, and a variety of color-related activities. Then take a moment to flip through the Adventure Cards. Your child will recognize preschool concepts such as the number two and the letter S, and you will find simple ideas such as making chores more fun by turning your child into a "super buddy" who can (and wants!) to help you.

Tie-in Activity - Shoe Matching: If you don’t mind a little picking up, consider this shoe matching game. Make a pile of different shoes—more for an older child, fewer for a younger one. Give your child one shoe. When you say "Go" give your child twenty seconds (or more) to find the matching shoe!