The Benefits of Joining Elmo’s Book Club


The Benefits of Joining Elmo’s Learning Adventure Book Club

Elmo’s book club was created using the same rigorous curriculum that forms the foundation for every single Sesame Street show. Developed with the Sesame Street research team, experts in the field of early childhood education, parents will be excited to know that every book club kit helps children grow in each of these nine different and key learning domains:

Sesame Street iconBig Bird’s Big Words helps develop and strengthen
your child’s vocabulary.

Letter of the Day
introduces reading and writing

Count Me In
develops skills in number identification,
counting, one-to-one correspondence, and much more.

Zoe’s Rainbow
makes learning colors, shapes, patterns,
and textures fun.

Grover’s Thinking Cap
is a playful way to teach your child
critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Elmo’s World
is an introduction to science through hands-on
play, discovery, and observation.

Cookie & Me
helps make health and fitness a delicious part
of every day.

Be a Buddy
shows your child what it means to be part
of a community.

Magical Moments
celebrates important milestones
in your child’s life.


Rosita from Sesame Street readingAs a Member of Elmo's Book Club

When you join Elmo’s book club, you’ll receive shipments of high-quality, colorful storybooks, like S is for School, featuring hard and durable covers that make reading easier for little hands. Each shipment also includes a softcover activity book with coloring pages, simple games, stories, and more, along with six Adventure Cards with preschool learning concepts illustrated colorfully on one side, and related questions and activities on the other. You’ll also receive a handy storage box to collect your child’s Adventure Cards.

Every package you receive is hand-selected by educational experts, ensuring that the books are a match to a preschooler’s interests and reading levels. With the Sesame Street Book Club, your child will enjoy delightful stories and adventures that will unite families in shared moments. Create lasting memories for your family with Elmo’s Learning Adventure and the beloved, iconic characters of Sesame Street.

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